3D imaging, modelling and CAD, technologies that have been commonplace for a while, are hugely impacting on all aspects of the dental industry. The addition of 3D printing is opening up more opportunities within the industry to accurately create one-off, complex geometries without the artisan craftsmanship, cost and time taken in the past


For decades, making Jewellery patterns out wax for direct casting was a dominant method. The skilled Jewellers need to skilfully craft hand-drawn designs . This method requires a lot of skills and time. By entering into a digital era, Jewellers could design their ideas by 3D design software like AutoCad 3D or Rhino 3D. Also some years later CNC milling machines have been introduced to manufacture wax patterns automatically. Digital 3D design and CNC milling saves a lot of time and labour. However, there were still some li


There are hundreds of ways in which 3D printing can be utilised to benefit the engineering industry with new applications of the technology are being explored and developed all the time.

Art & Design

3D printing is seen as the future of the art and design industry allowing for many creative models to be created as a 3D object. 3D printing can be used to turn drawings into 3d objects and used to create sculptures and ornaments for use in interior designs. This method of printing also allows for artistic designs to be printed for use in other industries such as the fashion and beauty industry in the form of fashion accessories. Through the use of our Liquid Crystal 3d printers the most artistic designs can be created. O

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