Machines-3D ABS+ filament
1,75mm green


Machines-3D ABS+ is a thermoplastic polymer. It is often used in everyday products (remote controls, LEGOS etc ...). It begins to soften at 90 ° C and begins to melt at 190 ° C. ABS is heat resistant and flexible enough and is suitable for printing small precision parts in their design, or mechanical parts because of its higher resistance to heat and stress. The use of ABS demand the systematic use of a heating plate to limit the effects of warping, which is the main fault of this material. Machines-3D ABS filament has an attractive price and is available in a wide range of colors!

We recommend that the nozzle temperature be calibrated at a range of 240 ° to 250 ° for the plastic, and the heating plate should be set at 130 °. These data values are to be adjusted to ensure optimal results.



Makerbot Replicator 2X
and most 3D printers on the market with a heating plate.

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